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MaTina McWilliams

The Owner and Executive Assistant of BASE Services, MaTina McWilliams, is a multifaceted and well versed professional in the Business Service Industry. With over 15 years of managerial experience, she is no stranger to the corporate world.


BASE services derive from Ms. McWilliams’ assessment that there was a need in assisting companies with their day to day administrative tasks. The necessities for business operation are often not taught in a school setting which is what MaTina provides with her services. Through a range of modalities, she caters to each individual client's needs including resume writing/cover letters, demonstrating mock interviews, teaching conflict resolution, and branding/networking. With a collective collaboration with photographer Cares JaRon, the duo also creates the vision of business owners through capturing business photos and creating websites. MaTina finds enjoyment in the fact she can create the vision of business owners while incorporating her skills. 


As a skilled and seasoned people manager, she has a background in successfully coaching associates in landing top executive positions. She is recognized for her considerable contributions in developing associates to reach their desired career goals. She brings a great deal of passion through advising and people development, all while empowering her clients to feel confident in building their business. It is important to her to provide the basic foundation for business owners to excel by educating them on the basics, such as legal documentation, bookkeeping, expenses, and certification/licensing. Her goal is to offer peace of mind to business owners who are starting their entrepreneurial journey. She believes in building  “from the ground up.” Creating the foundation first, setting her clients up for success. 


MaTina’s educational background includes her successful completing certification in Business Process Management (BPM), Project Management (PMP) and Lean Six Sigma. She is also a Qualified Mental Health Paraprofessional who is certified in Human services, and an instructor in CPR/First Aid/AED. MaTina holds an Associate Degree in Social Science and continues to strengthen her knowledge by currently studying Health Service Administration at Old Dominion University. 

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